Where is Souths Junior Oztag played for Summer 2022-2023 ?

Souths Junior Oztag is an after school competition played at Heffron Park each week.
Rabbitohs Tag is played at Heffron Park.
MONDAYS-  Heffron Park Rabbitohs Tag Girls Competition
THURSDAY – Heffron Park Rabbitohs Tag Boys Competition

How long does the Competition run for ?


Below are tentative dates set by council. Due to covid restrictions these dates may be pushed back.

















What does my Child wear ?

Players will need to wear Official Oztag shorts/Tights  to participate. Shorts can be purchased at the venue or online for $30.00 a pair
Teams arrange their own Team shirts.


How Long to games run for ?

​Games run for 40minutes timeslots. There are divided into 2 halves.
In instances of extreme heat, we may split the game into thirds or quarters, but teams will be notified before they take the field.

How many players are on the field? And how many players should I have in my team?

There are 8 players on the field per team so we recommend 10 players to a team. You can have more, but that gives your players less time on the field.

Can I make sure my child is placed in the same team as a friend ?

​​We have no problem with making sure friends are placed together into the same team as long as they are eligible to play in the same division. If however, your child’s friend has played for a few years and is already in a set team, then you would need to speak to the Team Delegate of that team to see if there is room for your child to play as we cannot force the delegate to accept extra registrations.

Can I make sure my child is placed with his/her sibling ?

​​If you register a full team then yes you can have younger players in your team. However they cannot be placed into a team if they are not the appropriate age unless the team you are joining accepts a younger player.


Will my child need to be graded ?

​​We grade each team after round 4 depending on skill level. We do this as we have teams made up from school class friends, winter sport teams (Netball, Rugby league, Rugby Union, Soccer etc) and from individuals signing up as well as Representative players. We want to make our competition fun and competitive for all players involved.


Which age group should my child play in ?

Age divisions are based on the 2023 calendar year for example any players turning 10 in 2023 will be in the under 10’s age group.

2017/2016  (turning  6or 7 in 2023) –    6’s&7’s
2015  (turning  8 in 2023) –    8’s
2014  (turning  9 in 2023) –    9’s
2013  (turning  10 in 2023) –    10’s
2012  (turning 11 in 2023) –   11’s
2011/2010  (turning 12&13 in 2023) –   12&13’s
2009/2008  (turning 14&15 in 2023) –   14&15’s
2007/2006  (turning 16&17 in 2023) –   16&17’s

​​If you are born in 2005 or higher you are classified as a senior and will need to play in the senior competition.

What does my child need to wear to play?

​​Every child needs to have Official Oztag Shorts or tights to play (cost $30.00) which are available at registration and at the venue. Players can wear whatever they like on top. We find teams like to be in unison, so it is quite common for a team to pick a coloured shirt, or get tops made up, but that is completely up to your team. No metal or screw in stud type shoes allowed. Moulded Touch football or soccer boots recommended, sandshoes are allowed but not recommended due to poor grip.


Is there a limit on the number of Representative Players per team ?

We understand that Oztag is a recreational sport and many teams are formed with friends. Souths Juniors introduced a Representative limit after we found that teams were being formed after meeting new friends at Representative Carnivals. The limit was put in place as we found that some of the strongest players from each team were being placed into one team making it unenjoyable at local level all round.
Currently we work on the “NO MORE THEN 4 REPS” per team rule.
If you have 5 representative players you move up an age group (ie 11 year age group with 5 rep players will move up to the 12/13 age group).
We do not allow more than 5 representative teams to play at park competition level.

Can I play in the Souths Seniors competiton and still be elegible for Junior State Cup ?

No, you need to be a paid and registered player in a junior competition to be elegible for Junior State Cup. If you play in a senior competition, you are only elegible for senior rep teams.


Does my child need to attend training each week ? 

​​No training days are scheduled for Oztag players. It is up to individual teams to arrange their own training days if they choose to do so. The majority of teams, do not train at all.


What time are the games ?

​It will depend on how many teams are in the competition as to what time your childs games are each week . Divisions do not have set times as we receive Time Requests which may see  teams playing early one week and later the following week . Time slots commence from 4.10pm​.


Who and what is a manager?

They are our Team Contact . Managers are not coaches. They may help the team by substituting players during the game & usually at the beginning organise shirt colour and team shirts for them. Some teams put too much pressure on the delegate believing they are there to coach the team. Remember they have kindly put their hand up and given up some time to be our point of contact to make life a little easier for the players/parents .Please offer them assistance.


Are parents allowed on the field to help the children who have not played before?

Yes, we allow one parent help out on the field for all ages under 10 years (little fields). However coaches are to be mindful to encourage players to learn the game and not interfere too much with the game. You are there as a guide, nothing more.


Are there any different rules depending on the age group?

We have amended rules for our ages 10years and below (little field)


  1. No marker allowed.
  2. Dummy half may run but if tagged a changeover will occur.
  3. Dummy half cannot score.
  4. Defensive line cannot move until the first receiver touches the ball or the dummy half runs.

Junior Fields (5 to 10 year olds)

50m x 35m (play across senior field)

Mixed rules differ slightly too (Monday night 2007-2004 born)

  1. Maximum of 4 boys on the field at once (you can play with more girls than boys if needed, generally there are 4 of each sex on the field at once).
  2. Girls tries are worth 2 points.

I have signed my child up to play Oztag but don’t know what team he/she has been placed into?

Individual players signing up will be placed into teams once our registrations close. We need to insure that we are placing players into the right teams and into teams that need players. Players will be contacted by Leah with their team name and managers contact information. Please be patient, we will be in contact.


Does Souths Junior Oztag provide Coaches ?

Being a recreational sport, we do not supply coaches (with the exception of representative teams). We ask for parents to help by being a manager and in many cases, the managers of teams are Mums. We find in many cases that a parent will put their hand up to coach a team and in some cases we even have older siblings that also volunteer.


Who do I ring to advise that my child can’t make a game ? ​

You must ring and advise your team manager. Do not contact Souths Junior Oztag as we will not be able to be pass on the information due to the  amount of calls and other responsibilities on the night.


We are short players, can we get a friend to fill in? ​

You can only have a player who is registered in that competition, and that player must be registered in a younger age group. All fill ins must be approved by Leah/Vince before they take the field. Any team found playing a player that is not registered in our competition or registered in a higher age group will be disqualified for that round.


We have a few players away, what is the minimum number of players that can take the field? ​

You can take the field with 5 players. If you don’t have 5, then you will have to forfeit. Please let us know in advance if that is the case so we can notify your opponents.


Can girls play in the boys competition?

We allow girls to play in boy’s teams, but those parents of the girls need to be aware that they are playing against boys teams in a boys competition. We do not allow all girls teams to play in the boys competition. The main factor is safety. If your team is over 14 and want to play against boys, you can form a mixed team and play in our mixed competition on a Monday afternoon.


Do you cancel the games if it is very hot?

No we do not cancel our rounds if the weather is hot. We are summer sport, so it is highly likely that the weather will be warm. In instances of extreme heat, we will reduce the games to quarters or thirds to ensure that the players are getting enough time to rest and hydrate. Our fields are run by council, so if they close the grounds, then we cannot play. So we cannot cancel rounds because it is hot.

Please do not have parents email us to pressure us to cancel. If you do not want your child playing in the heat, then you have to make the choice of whether or not you allow them to play.


I want to use my active kids voucher to pay online but it wont let me, how do I use my voucher?

You do not need to register online if you are using your AKV to pay. All you have to do is either email it through to me, or bring down to one of our registration days. I need your childs team name and DOB. We have to process the vouchers on our end.


If you have any questions that have not been answered on this page, please email us at and we will be happy to answer it for you